Revert Muslim mom & stable multicultural family

Build a stable multicultural family life with me

Who is Minimalist homeschooler

My name is Fanny Timmerbacka and I am born in Helsinki Finland. I married an Indonesian and we have 3 young boys. I create content also on YouTube and my passion is to talk about multicultural family and lifestyle.

I love to help fellow Muslim parents to build a stable family and life.

Any advice for getting married with a man from another culture

Multicultural family life in all it’s colors

I want to be able to create quality content based on my own experiences for the people who really want to hear it. Creating a life between two cultures, reverting to Islam and always looking for the positive side of struggles is worth talking about.

We all know how much struggle can go into starting all over again and trying your best even though you may not progress the way you would hope. I feel that we need more support in this combining lives across boarders. I would have needed someone to say to me 10 years ago that it will all be ok. Just be patient and your life will feel more stable.

I want to be that for someone.

FAQ about multicultural marriage

What kind of community are we looking to build here

In my space you will be supported to:

  • being patient in building a marriage and family that stand on stability
  • seeing through difficulties and finding your blessings in it
  • building confidence and sense of self in the soup of cultural differences
  • find wise money decisions

I would love to connect with you!

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