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List of the ways that I teach Islam to my kids as a muslim revert mom

In this post I want to share with you how I started teaching Islam to my kids as a revert. Talking with one of you got me inspired to tell you about the things that I started doing at home to start our kids Islamic education. 

Here is a list of 15 ways that I started to teach Islam to my kids as a muslim revert mom

  1. We started to listen to the Quran recitation when going to sleep. Their favorite is Surah Maryam by Omar Hisham.
  2. They started saying a bedtime doa with their dad.
  3. We started to say all Allah’s words in their respective times such as ”Bismillah” – when starting something, ”Alhamdulillah” for finishing something, ”Assalamualaikum” when coming or going…
  4. I take them (or one of them) to pray.
  5. We practise Al Fatihah.
  6. We talk about Allah. Who is Allah and what is he like.
  7. We talk about what this life is about and what happens after this life.
  8. We talk about what ”sabr” (patience) means and we repeat the word many times when it is needed.
  9. We learn Arabic words and letters through art.
  10. We have discovered that Allah has 99 names and we have learned a few of them.
  11. We learn about what is halal and what is haram.
  12. Sometimes we watch Islam related videos to learn about different mosques around the world or something about the history of Islam.
  13. We learn about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  14. We have learned about the difference of Islam and Christianity.
  15. Our kids love to have a conversation with me and we talk a lot. Sometimes I just ask a question from them (as if I don’t remember and they know) such as ”Do you remember what Assalamualaikum means? 

What is the most important in teaching Islam to kids at home?

The most important thing, I feel, when raising Muslims as a revert is to realize that it is an ongoing theme. It’s like having a blog and choosing the main topic and then the rest of the categories fall under that topic, if that makes sense.

Patience and calmness creates a atmosphere of peace and trust. That is a stable foundation to grow believers.

Sometimes if we have a problem and we try to solve it, like one time my oldest wanted to fix a toy but he couldn’t get the screws out. Then I went to help and said that now we have to say Bismillah together and make dua that Allah will help us open this. Then we got the screws open and you should have seen their faces when they realized that Allah actually helped us. Their faces were full of joy and light. That is how they will become believers. Experiencing first hand at home.

With love – Fanny

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