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My name is Fanny and I like to talk about the importance of the family, marriage and growing to be a rolemodel for the kids. I am a Finnish Muslim revert married to Indonesian. Together we have three sons, Alhamdulillah.

Minimalist homeschooler is a space where I write about creating a strong family and everything that is related to that.

I hope you will find something soothing to read. Thank you for being here.

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What is your best advice in building a multicultural family life?

I would say that, remember that you are not in a hurry. Your best asset for the future might actually be building stability. If you are constantly in a hurry of trying to be all and get all, you might fall apart. Allah sees everything that is in your heart. Give yourself and your family time. Nothing is more precious than living in the moment and being grateful of the here and now.

Any advice for getting married with a man from another culture?

Remember humor and spend time in getting to know your spouses culture. This obviously is a two way street. It is really important to not get stuck in the cultural differences. We who live in a multicultural marriage have to develop a sense of self in the meeting of the cultures. We can’t say it’s my way or the highway. We need to learn to communicate effectively so that WE will be for the long term.

What is your best advice for feeling at home in a new country?

Food and comfort in the home. Try to find those comfort foods in the new culture as quickly as possible. Same goes into creating a safe space in the home. Home should be the place where you feel at peace from the uncertainty of the life situation. Try to be patient and mindful of the new situation. Know, that one day this new country will not be new anymore and InsyaAllah it will feel home.